• Classes are designed to relieve stress, improve concentration, strength, postural alignment, flexibility, body awareness and stamina through a progression of yoga poses and breathing techniques.  Regardless of the level, each class begins with a 5-minute breath awareness and ends with a 10-minute relaxation period.  When practiced regularly yoga encompasses the whole body and brings benefits to joints, muscles, nerves and internal organs as well as promoting mental and spiritual well being.  

  • Beginners

    An introduction into Hatha yoga.  Classes emphasize breathing, posture, and alignment in order to develop strength, flexibility and stamina.

  • All Levels

    This level is open to all students.  Classes may be more or less vigorous depending on the level of students that attend. 

  • Intermediate / Advanced

    Must have completed Beginner level.  These levels are progressively more advanced.  

  • 50 Plus

    This class focuses on developing balance, flexibility and fitness through a progression of modified yoga postures.  50 Plus classes are open to all ages.

  • Backs and Joints

    This class focus on correcting body alignment and improving posture.  If your back or joints are limiting your daily activities, this may well be the class for you.  Yoga postures are modified and fully supported with the use of props. 

  • Gentle / Restorative

    This class focus on restorative poses to help anyone unwind after a busy week.  A gentle approach typically with long holds using lots of props and supports. 

  • Stiff and Stubborn

    The class is geared to those who feel stiff and stubborn.  Open to all levels and physical abilities.  

  • Building To Classes

    The focus of The Building Classes is to build up the foundations of difficult poses.  Week by week the fundamentals and foundations are explored and expanded breaking down advanced poses into small parts in order to develop the flexibility, strength and awareness required to properly do the pose being built up to.  

  • Innovation Place Classes

    All level yoga classes are offered at Innovation Place in the beautiful Fitness Centre Studio located in the Galleria Building.